Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hurry Up And Wait, all the way to Asbach

There is a long established phrase in the Army "Hurry Up and Wait" meaning that you get yourself as ready as possible as fast as possible and then wait and wait and wait and....... well that is what it has been like here.

After a fair bit of dithering I ordered my moulds from Prince August almost two weeks ago and asked for tracked delivery. Having heard nothing I phoned them on Wednesday to be told that they were going out the following day - still heard nothing though, just hoping they will turn up this week. I am also waiting on the arrival of a new camera and this is due by the 15th of Feb. So all in all I am sort of stuck.

In the meantime I decided to get some 1/72 plastic Great Northern War figures just to get the painting juices flowing. Got a few done now out of the box of 48 and I would not be surprised if I end up having quite a lot of these little devils. They are cheap and I can compliment the 40mm with something a bit different.

I have also decided upon a name for my Imagi-Nation; The Principality of Asbach. This is in honour of Asbach Uralt which is a German brandy much loved by a Sergeant of my acquaintance 25 years ago. It was founded by a Hugo Asbach so I guess that means I should go for Crown Prince Hugo as the head of the Asbachers. Red and Black with a hint of Gold/Yellow for the brandy itself may well now form the basis of the uniforms.

Go Asbach

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