Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Figuratively speaking

OK, so I have the moulds, at least a couple to get started with and here is a view on the first few castings

As you can see it is a small force at the moment but growing almost every day. The issue I now face is where to get the metal from. After a bit of discussion with Mark Dudley of I tried phoning one of the figure manufacturers I have purchased from to see if they would sell me some metal. This was despite the guys at the club being sceptical over the suitability of the metal.

As it was they were unwilling to sell me metal but were more than happy to direct me to their suppliers, Geo.W.Neale . Seems it was the same metal that I needed but they would only supply in bulk, the alternative was to go to Tiranti who they also supply and with whom I was already familiar.

The figures are interesting, essentially Tiranti and GWN are similar in price up to 25kg, being 1,000 figures at £0.375 and £0.366 respectively. At 50kg it drops to £0.285 per figure for GWN but then do I really want to commit to 2,000 figures!!!!

For the moment then it seems I will be using Tiranti unless I can find some other souls out there to split an order with. 

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