Sunday, February 19, 2012

Metal and Plastic...

Well there have been a couple of critical events here at Schloss Asbach. First of all my moulds have finally turned up from Prince August and I have started casting - oh joy, I just love them, absolutely love them. Took the first casts down to the club, that's Scimitar Wargames here in Coventry UK and my compatriot Bob has taken the mould catalogue so that we can purchase moulds together and save a bit of cash.

I have also decided that whilst the name of my Imagination is based on German brandy which comes from a particular place the Principality of Asbach will be based on a different location. I was trying to explain to my rather perplexed mother the whole idea with the benefit of Wikipedia to demonstrate how there were many many small states in the Holy Roman Empire and came across Babenhausen, a 25 square mile principality - that is the size of the village that I grew up in!!!!! It has a rather interesting looking watch tower and seems that there is a castle nearby. This seems to me as good as any a location to do some research into for the look and feel of my Nation.

On other fronts I have started painting up a load of Warlord Games greek hoplites so that I can use them for both Hail Caesar and Commands and Colours down at the club.

Still no sign of my new iPad so still short of a camera and no piccies for you - the new iPad will be out at this rate, sigh....

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