Sunday, September 21, 2014

Back at the Brushes

Wow, has it really been two years since I last blogged.

Seems so and I am not sure really what to put this down to. I think that it is probably down to a couple of things:-

Change of direction

I became more involved with a board game group and this sucked most of my time.


In the form of a rather badly damaged knee leading to arthritis. I was warned of this when I was 16 and had an operation. They told me to stop playing rugby so I did - when I was 42. The reason I stopped was that the pain in my knee under contact was for too much. This has progressed so much so that last year I could hardly walk let alone do exercise. I have subsequently had a procedure that has given me a new lease of life - although Rugby is limited to watching I think.Family - I prefer painting and modelling generally to playing. My eldest son is the reverse and gives me a hard time about it. This becomes VERY irritating and I often find myself just not bothering. 

So What's Changed

Not sure what to put it down to but I think that the knee op has made a huge difference to me. I generally have more energy and am more determined about the things that I want to do. This is one of them.

So where to from here

In the intervening time I have not been completely off the minis and have managed to get a couple of SAGA Armies together and a some Bolt Action Germans and Russians.

Right now though I am tackling a slightly different era - the Eighteenth Century.

I am starting off with a stab at Muskets and Tomahawks and putting together some AWI troops. Was going to have a bash at Rebellion for Black Powder but when I looked at the lists it was apparent that I would have to get a lot of figures together and that would take a lot of time and sap a lot of energy. Hopefully skirmish first and then get the army together. I have made a start and more on that soon (I hope)

Also my son has graduated from Uni and is now trying to find a job - whatever, he is here again and is also one of the people I play SAGA with. Right now though he has a love affair with Game of Thrones and having bought a copy of Lion Rampant at Partizan that other week we are going to get a couple of Armies together for those rules based on GoT.

So, it's back to the brushes...

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