Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pass the Duchy.....

Well it has been a bit of a weird week.

First of all I have got virtually nowhere at all with sorting out my armies with the exception of a small bit of painting of my 28mm WWII figures. It is apparent thought that I have not got a camera that I can easily use to keep a record of what is going on. This is a vital omission since a bit of eye candy makes a HUGE difference to a blog. I for one look at the photos first and then read the text afterwards - I suspect that most people are the same. So the top priority for my blogging on minis is to get a better phone. So tomorrow I am going to be looking into which phone I need and then from mid week, hopefully I will be posting some images on here.

The next big issue is what am I really interested in. Following last weeks post I came across a couple of blogs that are dedicated to what can loosely be described as Old School. Amongst which were a few Seven Years Wars dedicated blogs. Ahh, now we are talking. Just before Christmas my mother was sorting out her attic with things that had been placed there when I moved out 30 years ago!!!! There was my old Prince August casting kit - albeit with a few of the moulds missing.

So that was that, I am now going to get the casting going and will be reporting on my progress here. This will be in 40mm semi rounds from the Seven Years War ranges - photos to follow.

Now which contract should I be going for????

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