Friday, January 13, 2012


Having come back to historical wargaming after many years I have spent quite a few evenings looking at the blogs that have sprung up. I have been mightily impressed with what I see, there are many folks out there who produce wonderfully painted figures at a scarily rapid rate.

So this is my effort at contributing to the community.

My intention is to keep you up to date on the projects which I am undertaking together with any other bits and pieces that might cross my path. Not least amongst the others is the fact that I now go to the Scimitar Wargames club in Coventry, I am rather hopeful that I will be able to take photos of some of the very impressive minis that regularly make an appearance at the club nights.

Right now though I am in the process of getting together some war bands for the SAGA game sold via Gripping Beast. I have already got four point armies for Vikings and Anglo/Danes sorted out with Normans hopefully to be done in the next few days. These I will be using at the club and am hoping to go to SAGA events in the not too distant future.

As an alternative I am also putting together some 28mm WWII figures so that I can play some games with my son when he is back home from Uni. It is likely that these will make an appearance at the club sometime also.

Anyhow, I am well aware that there are no photos at present - this will change

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