Friday, January 2, 2015

Looking Forward

Well in line with many others I am taking a look at what I want to achieve in the forthcoming year(s).

2014 was a curious year in that I returned to Shrewsbury to my house after 3 and half years living in a rented house in Coventry. This move has taken up most of my energy for the last 2 months and I have not had a chance to consider my hobby however with Christmas done and the dust settling I now have the opportunity to move forward.

From a hobby perspective the big difference for me is both good and bad.

The Bad

Not much really but there were a couple of clubs within VERY easy reach which are now less accessible. Also Coventry is almost bang in the centre of the country's road and rail network which meant that going to shows was pretty easy, more on that later.

The Good

First and foremost I get a wargames room. More correctly I have a room that I can set up as a wargames room. Right now it is a complete pigsty with the remnants of years of clutter which I have quite happily lived without for 3 plus years so I figure it has little value to me. E-Bay will be getting what can be sold and the local tip will have the rest. I already have some ideas on how to configure this room for gaming, storage and workspace but more on that in a separate post.

In 2014 I purchased A Military Gentleman by John Ray. This book is a masterpiece showcasing the rather wonderful collection that Mr Ray has put together. It has also given access to a forum that has a strong group of individuals with a common passion. I hope that it will continue for many years to come.

As for gaming/collecting I was putting together a collection of AWI figures. This I will continue with and am looking to have some games with my son using the Muskets and Tomahawks rules. Otherwise we have the Lion Rampant rules and will be doing some skirmish stuff based on the Wars of the Roses or as my son likes to think of it Game of Thrones.

These are both skirmish games and I would also like to have some games of a more grand nature. At the moment the jury is out on this but I am leaning towards 15mm Seven Years War at the moment. Lets just see eh.

Finally in respect to shows. I really enjoy going to shows, I will keep going to them and intend to try and marry this up with my work which is developing online interactive systems. I have already built a system for Antique events and intend to spin this off to the wargame community also.

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